❁ About Diane ❁

Background & Education

Hi - So good of you to stop by! My name is Diane Knarr, and I'm an executive producer operating in the creative technology space with a background in experiential, advertising, interactives, software development, and e-commerce. Over the last 10 years, I've had the joy of collaborating to create immersive experiences, websites, and apps with brands such as Google Cloud, Meta Quest, Facebook, Salesforce, Netflix, SAS, New York Lottery, The Philadelphia Flyers and more. Currently, I am based in Philadelphia & Brooklyn but available and willing to travel.

Lead Producer & Program Manager - Global Experiential Marketing, Freelance | Google, Mountain View, CA | January 2024 - current
Executive Producer, Freelance | Left Field Labs, Culver City, CA | November 2023 - December 2023
Executive Producer | Deeplocal, Pittsburgh PA | January 2022 - October 2023
Sr. Technical Producer, freelance | McCann NY, New York, NY | August 2022 - January 2022
Sr. Interactive Producer | Sparks, Pittsburgh PA | December 2018 - January 2022
Digital Director | Orchestra-Premaman USA, Montpellier, FR | March 2017 - September 2018
Sr. Producer & Digital Content Manager | Free People, URBN Inc, Philadelphia, PA | November 2014 - March 2017

Bachelor of Arts | Philosophy | University of Delaware, 2009
Bachelor of Arts | Art History | University of Delaware, 2009
Certificate of Fine Arts | Photographic Practices | Tilt Institute, Philadelphia

Skills: Project management, creative thinking, excellent verbal & written communication, strong decision making, critical thinking, time management, budgeting, knowledge of effective production techniques, familiarity with multiple coding languages & development processes (html, css, javascript, p5, d3, three.js, two.js, GLSL, python, TouchDesigner, etc), and a positive, can-do attitude ☼

Creative Technology

When I was young, my dad, an electrical & mechanical engineer, would teach me how to solder circuit boards, fix old radios & games, and show me how to troubleshoot with his multimeter. These projects always felt like magic to me, dad with his giant box of tools would see something broken and then with a little wires, wave of a (hot) wand, and a lot of know-how, it would work again.

This feeling of magic from building something from scratch or knowing how to solve an issue to get it working again has stuck with me. Through this, I've learned that coding is a lot like electrical engineering - you have to know the language and close the loop to get the right outcome. Creative technology keeps feeling of wonder entact - that's the end goal. Whether it's through a physical interaction with buttons or purely software & ambient driven, when technology is used for creating engaging moments it reminds me of those Saturday mornings with my dad, sparking a deeper connection with world around us.

I started my career in web production learning the ins-and-outs of CMS tools, front-end development, product pipeline architecture, project management, asset types, app development; you name it and I was learning as much about it as I could. This lead me to where I am today - not only do I work with incredible teams of developers, technologists, engineers, a/v technicians, architects, and creatives, but I am constantly learning how all the pieces work, how they fit together, and how to build them myself.

Over the last decade, I've built websites (including this one!) from scratch, made p5/two.js/three.js/D3 animations, created interactives with physical sliders, made social app filters for major campaigns, coded and automated emails for an international photography competition, scraped sites for the API data to create new ways of sharing, and built live event streaming websites. Producers don't need to know how to do these things first-hand, but this knowledge has helped me gain a higher level of accuracy with building timelines, understanding level-of-effort, areas of efficiencies, and how to best resource a project.

I'm always looking for something new to learn, a new challenge to tackle, and the people open to building something that they've always wanted to see in the world. Let's create something together 💛